Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Digna Love - 3 Types of Alternative Medicines

Alternative medicine heals the body as well as the mind and the soul. Digna Love is studying alternative medicine at the Everglades University in Boca Raton, Florida. She has always dreamed of being a healer and wants to help others in any way she can. She is highly skilled and experienced in channeling and mediation and looks forward to teaching her clients and patients about alternative medicine.

 Digna Love 

One alternative medicine practice is homeopathy. This practice involves diluting a harmful substance until no molecules of the original substance remain. The ideology behind this practice is that the substance that causes symptoms in healthy people could cure similar symptoms in people who are ill. Samuel Hahnemann developed this treatment in 1796 CE.

Naturopathy is another sub discipline of alternative medicine. Naturopaths study every aspect of their patients’ life in order to diagnose them. They study their patients’ diet, exercise habits, sleep habits, and the quality of their energy. Each of these factors helps these professionals pinpoint the cause of pain, discomfort, or illness.

A third alternative medicine type is Ayurveda Medicine. This practice originated in the Indian subcontinent. It involves using herbal compounds, metals, and minerals in order to treat illness. This practice also focuses on the spirituality of humans, and uses the guidance of the gods to heal people. In this practice, the physicians use different methods to balance their clients’ doshas. Digna Love is a business owner and a student of alternative medicine. She hopes to offer her clients healing services and advice.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Digna Love - 3 Reasons to Wear Gemstone Jewelry

There are many different types of gemstones and they each have a different healing property. Digna Love uses gemstones in her jewelry making. She understands the power of these stones and wants to help her clients by providing them with beautiful pieces of jewelry that have healing properties. She knows that wearing these stones against your body can help enhance the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits they offer.

Digna Love Gemstones and crystals both store energy. They have been used for thousands of years to release any mental blockages. If you are struggling with memory and other mental blockages, you should wear aquamarine, Blue Lace Agate, Carnelian, Clear Quartz, or Hematite in order to promote clear thinking. Each of these stones have their own unique properties and powers that can help boost your creativity and your mental capacities.

Gemstones can help your physical wellbeing as well. The human body is make up of mineral silicone dioxide on a cellular level. Crystals are made up of the same mineral. That means that the human body is naturally receptive of the vibrations of crystals. Stones such as Abalone or Bloodstone promote healing and physical strength.

Spiritual health is just as important as mental and physical health. Gemstones can help you relieve stress and pursue your heavenly or spiritual self. Certain gemstones can help you expand your mind and gain intuition. They can also offer valuable spiritual guidance. Digna Love always uses gemstones for these reasons. She wants to help her clients purge themselves of negative energy through the use of crystals and gemstones.

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Digna Love - Can Holistic Healing Help you?

Holistic healing uses different approaches and methods to treat mental, emotional, and physical imbalances. Digna Love is passionate about teaching her clients how live a well-balanced and holistic lifestyle. She is always happy to discuss the differences between holistic healing and alternative medicines with them. She believes that a holistic lifestyle can help anyone live a better and healthier life.
Digna Love
If you are wondering a holistic healing will help you, it is important that you first learn about holistic healing. Holistic healing refers to a lifestyle that will lead you down a path towards a healthier lifestyle. When taking this journey, your goal should be to achieve wholeness and wellness. Wholeness refers to being well balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When you reach this level, your mind and your body are connection and balanced. Achieving wholeness will help you live anxiety and stress free, and will help your live your life to its fullest. 

The second thing you should learn about is the role of the holistic healer. Your healer examines you and asks you questions in order to determine where your imbalances are. This professional looks at every aspect of your life including your diet, sleep habits, health, and exercise. Your healer will then help you change different aspects of your lifestyle in order to balance yourself and obtain wholeness. If you are struggling with imbalances, these practices could help you. Digna Love is well versed in holistic healing, and is always happy to educate her clients about holistic living. She wants to help heal her clients and help them become whole.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Digna Love - What is a Realm Reader?

Digna Love
Everyone belongs to a different Angel Realm. Digna Love is a certified realm reader and works hard to determine which realms her clients exist in. Experiencing a realm reading can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and of your life. There are several different levels to realm reading and a certified reader can help you explore each of these levels.

Realm reading is closely tied to Angel Card reading. Angel cards use the presence of Angels to help guide people through difficult decisions and stages in their lives. Realm reading is a method of determining which realm a person exists in on earth, which can help people learn about their lives and their future paths. There are several different Earth Angel Realms, Incarnated Angel, Fairy, Wise One, Star Person, Atlantean, Cherub, Mer Person and many more.

A realm reading will not only help you identify which realm you belong to, but it will also teach you about the origins of your realm. You can learn about how your realm deals with relationships and which career path is best suited for you. You will also work towards learning about your life purpose and the mission of your soul. A realm reading will help you reach a healthier and happier existence by exposing your communication style, your talents, gifts and your relationships.

Digna Love wants to help all of her clients discover their life purpose by determining which Earth Angel Realm they belong to and helping them understand their true selves.