Monday, 1 February 2016

Digna Love - What is a Realm Reader?

Digna Love
Everyone belongs to a different Angel Realm. Digna Love is a certified realm reader and works hard to determine which realms her clients exist in. Experiencing a realm reading can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and of your life. There are several different levels to realm reading and a certified reader can help you explore each of these levels.

Realm reading is closely tied to Angel Card reading. Angel cards use the presence of Angels to help guide people through difficult decisions and stages in their lives. Realm reading is a method of determining which realm a person exists in on earth, which can help people learn about their lives and their future paths. There are several different Earth Angel Realms, Incarnated Angel, Fairy, Wise One, Star Person, Atlantean, Cherub, Mer Person and many more.

A realm reading will not only help you identify which realm you belong to, but it will also teach you about the origins of your realm. You can learn about how your realm deals with relationships and which career path is best suited for you. You will also work towards learning about your life purpose and the mission of your soul. A realm reading will help you reach a healthier and happier existence by exposing your communication style, your talents, gifts and your relationships.

Digna Love wants to help all of her clients discover their life purpose by determining which Earth Angel Realm they belong to and helping them understand their true selves.