Monday, 2 May 2016

Digna Love - Crystals and Their Spirituality

Digna Love is an alternative medicine student and holistic healer with a passion for alchemy, meditation, and all things spiritual. She recently started her own business, Love and Sunshine, which currently sells products made from gems, crystals, and metals that promote positive energy. Many types of crystals are known to have positive effects on those who wear them, and Love hopes to bring this positivity to her customers through her work. In addition to crystals, she hopes to eventually provide more products and services that promote emotional and physical well-being.

Different colors of crystals have different benefits, and these can be obtained by wearing or carrying the crystals throughout the day. These benefits are related to the colors of the body’s various chakras, which are spiritual power centers in the body that are very important in Indian culture. In fact, you can use a crystal to clear a blockage in the appropriately colored chakra by placing it near the affected area. Quartz crystals are most commonly used for this purpose. Red crystals are great for energizing, pink is good for calming the emotions as well as providing reassurance, and orange provides focusing qualities. Yellow lessens stress and fear, as well as improves the functioning of the body’s immune system. Green crystals can improve relationships, while light blue affects expression and communication. Indigo affects understanding and intuition, while violet affects imagination and empathy. Finally, white crystals improve clarity, while black crystals are very grounding. Stones that combine these colors will also have combined effects.

Digna Love Many holistic health enthusiasts have a large collection of stones, and use each different color for a different purpose. To start, it is beneficial to acquire several small clear crystals, as well as a few in colors that you feel will help you most. It is very important to cleanse new crystals before they are used, especially if they are used for healing purposes. There are many different ways to cleanse crystals. They can be rinsed under water, cleaned with sea salt, or exposed to clean and pure vibrations using a gong or similar instrument. They can also be cleaned with the smoke from an incense stick, or even with a mild, natural soap or detergent. It is essential to cleanse crystals before use, because otherwise they may cause you to feel imbalanced or heavy.

It is also important, although not necessary, to program your crystals for positive energy. This can be done most easily through visualization – hold your crystal in one hand with your eyes closed, and use an affirmation that is significant to you to program the crystal. The crystal will then have your desired energy. Digna Love enjoys working with crystals because of the incredible healing power and balance that they can bring to people’s lives.