Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Digna Love - Life Was Sweet

Digna Love was born and raised in Saint Lucia, a small island nation in the eastern Caribbean Sea. She came to the United States in 2001, and today is in business for herself as the owner of a company called Love and Sunshine.

                                    Digna Love

She has fond memories of her childhood in Saint Lucia. “Life was pretty neat growing up,” Digna Love recalls. “We had the freshest fish and fruit and vegetables. The rivers are so pure, and there were natural springs shooting the purest water up for us to drink. Coconuts and mangoes grew like wildflowers in the rich volcanic soil.”

She got an early taste of what it meant to be in business for herself. “My brothers and I cleared a piece of land behind our childhood home where we grew corn that we would roast and sell to our fellow villagers. We also harvested coffee to sell to gain our allowance.” Many coffee lovers swear by Saint Lucia coffee beans, and call them some of the best they’ve tasted anywhere.

“Life was sweet,” Digna Love says, “but wanting to see more of the world, I moved to America in 2001.” She worked as a nanny for many years, but eventually went back to school to study alternative medicine. At present, her company makes jewelry, but she says that she plans to branch out into other areas in the future.