Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Digna Love - A Blessing from Heaven

Digna Love was born and raised in Saint Lucia, a small island nation in the eastern Caribbean Sea. She came to the United States in 2001, and today is in business for herself as the owner of a company called Love and Sunshine.

Digna Love

She has many pleasant memories of her childhood in Saint Lucia, but says she began looking toward the United States because she wanted to see more of the world. She took many writing, spiritual and communication courses, and in 2012 entered Palm Beach State College to study psychology. She was also interested in becoming a healer. “A fellow student showed me an ad about a college offering alternative medicine,” she says. “I rushed over to Everglades University,” where she began her studies.

Digna Love has the double responsibility maintaining her grades and raising two young children. Her oldest is currently serving his country in the United States Army, while her youngest are still at home. “I raised my kids to be helpful, honest, hardworking, intelligent, open minded and loving,” she explains. “I incorporate alchemy into their lives and raised them letting them know that the right path is one that shows the greatest love, and helps to advance us as a person, and as a species.”

Her youngest child is not yet one year old and is, she says, an intelligent little guy with a great vocabulary for one so young. “My daughter, who is seven, is in a gifted class and is a very well rounded little girl who believes in fairness for all. She wanted to go to church because of the community value (no churches of alchemy around here, lol) so she chose Christ fellowship church for us because of its non-dreary and modern spin on Christianity.”

Psychologists say that no matter what you teach your kids, they get a lot of their learning through observation, in particular through watching their parents. They pick up not only what they see their parents doing, but also on subtle cues that parents are often unaware they are giving out. Research has shown that the better the relationship is between a parent and her child, the more the child’s values are filtered through what he or she has picked up at home.

“I incorporate what I learned at school and in other studies to raise my baby, and it’s been amazing,” Digna Love says. “He is super-alert and intelligent; physically advanced, and even has a good vocabulary; and he’s not even one year old yet! He is the happiest person I’ve ever met and a true blessing from heaven.”